Business Books & Articles

On Reading Books

I started my habit of reading business (leadership, management, sales, marketing, etc) books since I started my career to supplement what I learn in the workplace. I pledge to myself that:

  1. First, I won’t be boxed in the lessons I learned I get either from the books or journal articles I read or from the career I have. I’ll see the common things I learn, reflect about them and affirm if they’re a standard. On the other hand, I’ll check for gaps and reflect about their validity.
  2. Second, I’ll immediately apply all the theoretical knowledge I gain either through direct application or through sharing it with colleagues and/or other concerned, interested parties.
  3. Third, I’ll regularly read books or journal articles (and reflect about them–possibly through a blog entry) and always look forward to buying new titles.

If we share the same interest (any recommended books?) or if you have any concern or question (you find me nerdy?), kindly leave me a comment so we can discuss.

On Blog Entries

My blog entries about the books or the journal articles I read are “Learning Blog Entries.” Learning blog entries are types of blog entries that are immediately written right after reading and understanding a specific or a set of literature. I do such in order to permanently store all the knowledge I gained from reading–which is stored in my short term memory (Nah, that’s just me. Don’t make it a universal truth. Haha). Learning Blog Entries are like a casual discussion with myself about the subject.


You can visit and/or follow What Alps Said and Heard, my online repository of quotations, that features my favorite lines and, yeah, quotations from the books I read. Read a book every night before sleeping! :)

Reading list under construction.