About Alps Aguado

About Alps Aguado

Alps Aguado is the suit and tie and boxers model who claims that such combination is the perfect way to live life and work work. Although he lives in the southern part of Manila and works in its business district, he prefers to live and work life and work, not necessarily respectively, in a spot where business and lifestyle meet. His blog talks about the different lessons he learns from life and business, from its intersections, and from its permeable borders. Of course, included are the lessons he learns from the men and women he sits with either over coffee or whisky while watching the hustle and bustle of the (in)famous corner lot.

As a Brand

Since he considers himself as a Brand Manager of himself, he came up with his Unique Selling Proposition:

Alps Aguado is a profoundly aggressive Professional Everything.

  • Aggressive- He wants to think and perform that will defeat competition–including himself.
  • Profound- Despite aggression, he wants to be inspired and give inspiration in everything he does aggressively.
  • Professional Everything- He wants to be professional on all levels of life, to be process-oriented and objective, and to consistently conform to a set of principles he believes will help him succeed in life and work.


His brand logo is red square with a red-dark red gradient. The Greek letter α is “engraved” on it.

  • The red color represents aggression and inspiration–pretty ironic, but represents both concepts very well
  • The α letter represents his everyday ideal of aiming be an αlpha to reach his Ωmega.


Alps Aguado’s principles revolve around three concepts, represented by a simple symbol: □ Meaning, ○ Truth, ∆ Change. He adheres to these in everything he thinks and does through asking himself several questions:

□ Meaning

A. Meaning as content (Kahulugan)

  1. Have you used all the available resources?
  2. Have you defined it objectively?
  3. Have you made it substantial without sacrificing its form?

B. Meaning as significance (Kabuluhan)

  1. Is it something new? Are you inspired doing it?
  2. Does it add value?
  3. Will it inspire someone?

○ Truth (Katotohanan)

  1. Is it the truth? Whose truth is it?
  2. Does the context perceive it as the truth?
  3. Is it consistent with the other truths you have defined or verified before?

∆ Change (Pagbabago)

  1. Is the meaning and truth still meaningful and true respectively?
  2. How can you change them, for the better?
  3. Who else can change them, for the better?

Technical Stuff

If you want the technical stuff, you may visit his CV page.

Contact Details

You can contact him through alps dot aguado at gmail dot com. See right widget for other options. :)


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