• mita

    I guess its like heading an org. corporate org nga lang sayo. I am (and was) all- you owe your position to them.  And if something did fail, they won’t recognize your members, they’d only blame you and look at what you did wrong. So you need to get your head straight and work wise and well. Hammered service to my forehead (hope its still there. :D). I guess you do too, sort of. For your self, your boss, your teams and your company.

    professional badassery 101. :D swag like a boss! haha. (just needed to say that.)

    Hope you get well emotionally. :D

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      Sure, I shall continue to swag like a boss. Haha. For a corporate context, “service” isn’t really a popular term since a “boss”, in principle, doesn’t owe his or her position to her people. Although you can tie “service” to “leadership”, you can’t tie it to “authority.” For example, when I got the position, my “people” didn’t really have the choice to choose me as their leader. But they had to follow me since I had the “authority.” But I made sure to go beyond that by asserting “leadership”–where “service” comes in. :)

      I shall get well emotionally! Thanks Mita!

      • mita

        you ARE the orcomm major. better words dear. :D Yes, you don’t really have to be a kind, fair, reasonable boss, but you are. service yon dude. and ok, leadership too. :))

        and yeah, ako na sanay sa political word vomit. haha. ganon talaga.

  • http://extraordinarykiddo.com Bryan Karl

    Nice one Alps. I guess the “pointing fingers” is something we acquired from our college days but sad to say, such thing is not highly-appreciated act in the corporate world. It’s a good realization you have there. And I guess I’ll also use some of your realizations in my own [work] life. 

    Be well! :)

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      Thanks, Bryan Karl! Actually, I think it is pretty given that we should not transfer burdens as much as possible even if a situation really calls for such deed. The problem is, people tend to point out “inevitable, negative circumstances.” And this kind of problem is aggravated by human’s innate skill to argue. Haha. Happy working, soon! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=829164380 Jm Reyes

    I think the blame game is deeply rooted as one of the negative facets of the Filipino psyche. This is further compounded by the reluctance of the individual to take responsibility even if he wasn’t the one who screwed up. Sometimes, magso-sorry nga, manunumbat naman.

    I have to agree with every point you said here. Speaking of swagging like a boss, I had this experience when I was still an intern for a major television network’s news website. I was tasked to be a reporter, researcher, and writer all at the same time. No problem, I said. But I was unfortunate enough to be coupled with an inept co-intern. Not being sexist here, but I expect females to be more professional than males. It was the opposite and I had to school her since I’ve been in the industry even before she came to college. I’m not sure if what I did was right but I was disturbed by her lack of idea of what she’d been into despite spending four years in university.

    It was a pleasure reading this piece. And I wish you a new block of cheese.

  • Hitokirihoshi

    nice to know that you are good leader with cool wisdom even though that you are younger than your people.  i remember this verse – “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an
    example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in
    purity” – because of your blogpost.


    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      Wow, youth empowerment much? :) Let’s earn the respect of our life’s stakeholders while we are young!

  • Ishmael Ahab

    Your post reminded my first field work. I have many excuses back then. I blamed the faulty equipment. I blamed the inefficient system. I even blamed my boss for all the hardships that I experienced that time. Now I understood how immature I am back then. I don’t want to take responsibility and I want my boss to spoonfeed me.

    I am glad that I experienced those things because it helped to change my outlook to my job.