• http://www.jeldirecto.com Jel Directo

    My heart leaped upon watching the video. It’s so cool, Alps! :) <3 I love it!

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      Haha, I like it too (duh, obviously)! I saw it a year ago pa–a part of the book reminded me of that video so I placed it here. :)

      • http://www.jeldirecto.com Jel Directo

        If it didn’t focus on the video part, it could have been an intro video for Nuff. Hahahaha! But all the same, it drives the same point: more people are now in the internet than TV. =)

  • mita

    Everyone Communicates; Few Connect. Parang dance lang. :))

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      Haha. It is actually applicable in all sorts of “relationships”! The book exemplifies the performing arts ng eh. :D

  • http://hoshilandia.com Hitokirihoshi

    wow parang communication class talaga ito a. i agree na maganda kung if you how to connect. hindi lamang ito about socializing but also networking. hindi lamang para maka-gather ka ng friends but also ng kita at oportunidad.

    siguro nga napag-aaralan ang galing sa ganito, iba sa iniisip ko na talagang may mga tao na malakas ang PR.

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      The people who have strong “PR [skills]” may innately possess such. The book suggests, however, that everyone could connect to anyone i.e. have “malakas na PR.” :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421881925 Ishmael Ahab

    For a blogger like me, connection is really important. My connections serve as the readers of my blog. Also, they also serve as the people who will share my blog to their other connections. And this not only applicable to blogging. It is applicable to various sectors like advertising. This is the reason why many companies are creating their Facebook pages so that they can “connect” with their consumers.

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com Alfred Miguel Aguado

      I agree. I have been thinking of several contexts which these things can be applicable nga eh! :)

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