• http://theparadoxicleyline.blogspot.com/ Ishmael Ahab

    Hi there, it is been a long time that I had read your blog post. And now your here. ^_^

    I agree with you regarding the bureaucracy. Many government employees are good employees. But the system causes them to be rotten. And it is not just about bribery or corruption. It is also about the inefficiency of the system.

    Imagine you are an SSS employee sitting behind the window accepting applications for hundreds of applicants everyday. I believe that it will ruin his/her patience. The system should be simplified so as to help the clients and the government employees.

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com/ Alps

      Yes, I know right. The government should work it both internally and externally. Employees’ welfare in general isn’t enough, they should contextualize their welfare programs in the bureaucratic facet of government work.

  • http://soirish.wordpress.com irishprecious

    I love the new theme. It’s so… clean and so… nice.haha Sorry for the lack of better word.

    I want to pursue a Master’s degree, too and have my own slaves. I’ll make them buy my yosi.haha Joke. And, I’m looking forward to a new you, since you’ve been talking about enhancing your physical being. Enjoy freedom, err vacation, for now; the real world will be a bitch (read: future tense) and it will bite (take it from someone who just had a 1 week worth of real world experience haha) But you know, we’ll just have to bite harder. Am I making sense here?

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com/ Alps

      I envy you for already experiencing how the corporate world bites! Yeah, you’re making sense–I’ll be bitchier, corporate world. >:P

  • http://mostlynerdy.wordpress.com Alvina

    OH BOY, friend, I think I want a domain (again). Hehe. Although hindi naman ako blogging bunny na! :\ My wordpress layout is going to die soon!!!! ACK

    Corporate slavery, MBA, part-time teaching, and reforming a particular degree program!!!! :D CANNOT WAIT (FOR GRAND HAPPINESS)!

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com/ Alps

      Let’s go towards self actualization! LOL, I just realized that this concept (SA) is kinda overused already. :))

  • http://www.clevearguelles.com cleve

    There’s something new with the way you write Kuya Alps! Pero refreshing interlude na naman ang post mo! :D Love the new theme! Green! Green! :)

    Goodluck! See you professor! :)

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com/ Alps

      LOL, what’s new? :D Hindi ko ata napansin! :P Green, For The Ween!

  • http://extraordinarykiddo.com/ Bryan Karl

    I like the new theme. It’s also minimalist. So we said goodbye to our twin themes before already. :)

    Yes, me, I’m also running. Just a starter but I’m enjoying it as well.

    I see you have your future written down already… on number 5. Sometimes I really wish we could just write down our future and let it run by itself like a computer program. But I know we can’t. Plans are there for motivation though. :D

    Good luck future corporate hunk sort of. ;)

    • http://www.alpsaguado.com/ Alps

      Oh yeah, I realized that we already said goodbye to our theme! We used it well, so it deserves some rest for a little while. :)

      Plans, for me, is not just a collective motivation, they lead you where you want to go, and at the same time, yes, motivating you to do so. Let’s have a nice future!

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