• http://mostlynerdy.wordpress.com Alvina

    Dude, you’re seriously getting the red Moleskine? YAAAAAY!!! Except you know, mine is really dirty. Ugh. :( Got the black one for 2010 in the hopes of a cleaner Moleskine.

    But accdg to Keith, I just didn’t take care of my red Moleskine v well. Boohoo.

  • http://clevearguelles.com Cleve

    Kuya Alps, there’s a cheaper version of Moleskine. Read it from Jessica Zafra’s Blog! :) Pero yun nga lang, parang imitation. Haha. :D

    Goodluck on your thesis!
    Enjoy! :D

  • mita

    I think Im getting the Novu? Novi? planner. Hahahaha. Sa powerbooks. Its has coupons too. :P Moleskin IS expensive, so nevermind.

    Happy Christmas Alps!
    HBD alpsaguado.com! :D-mita&fia

  • http://inghinyero.com Rommel

    Wow, Alps. Another great post! Its such a long time since the last time I was able to pass by your blog – and others’ too.

    You still got that spunk in writing that gets me to read every single word of it. Happy new year!

    And btw, tumaba ka :) Hahahaha. :)
    Malapit na pala mag-1 year ung blogs natin no? Hehe.

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  • http://inghinyero.com Rommel

    What kind of comment plugin is this? Ang ganda ha! :)

    Yep! Officially, 1 year today ang blog ko. :)

    Wala akong kinikitang pera, Alps. Huhu.