Being Drunk: Priceless

When we went to Baguio City for our internship business trip, we can’t wait for the Saturday of the week–Party time! The original plan was to strut our stuff at Nevada Square (Baguio City’s party district) but we were too tired to go there. So, we came up with a better alternative: Beer by the Bonfire! The next step is to order the fermented malt.

So, what beer do we want?

I only drink San Mig Light, but all of us succumbed to a challenge: Red Horse Beer. I had my first bottle; It tastes nice, without San Mig Light’s bitter aftertaste. I had my second bottle; I chose not too eat any pulutan. I had my third bottle; Rish is now concerned about me.

Rish, kaya ko pa ba?

I never heard her answer. I thought she said yes. May she said yes, but I didn’t care anyway. I had my fourth bottle; After the last drop of some malt goodness, I sat down. I can feel tiredness and drunk-ness fighting in my system. I can’t control them but I can feel that my body wanted to achieve homeostasis, so…



I can feel the whole crowd spectating, waiting for the next round. I threw-up, twice–the second one virtually emptied my tummy. I thought I was okay, until I threw-up again in our hotel room.

Pare, huwag n’yo akong iwan ah, patulugin n’yo muna ako. I said this drunk statement a thousand times to my friends I met in Baguio. They were too nice that they almost carried me back to our hotel room. At around 6 am, they took me outside the hotel and we had a walk around Burnham Park. Pare, balik na tayong hotel, okay na ako. 11am, I woke-up, almost kid-shy of what happened last night. And you know what, I kissed a girl on the lips when half of my world is dominated by alcohol. Oh yeah. (Hello Ate April :D)


I challenged Red Horse and he challenged me back–I was knocked out even before the 5th round started. A rematch is wanted; give me my championship belt!

  • mita

    your passage to manhood. :))
    hahaha, smoochies! Delusional ka na 3rd paragraph palang ng entry. hahaha

  • vdc

    wow alps. that was one big after-puke mess. lmao

  • fruitbubble :3

    tsssss. LOL kuya alps~
    or alps~ hahahaha! i don’t feel like calling you kuya now~ ^^
    drunkenness FTW!!!!!
    hahahah. you should do that more often!! XD

    aLps: Inom tayo Bhea!!!

  • Erik

    Ayos lang chuchuka. Wag lang chuchuko.

  • eloiski

    yan kasi inom inom!
    katakot ka malasing. ano yan, nanghahalik? hahaha!


    aLps: Hunga eh, I can’t imagine myself __. Haha!

  • Nash

    WTF, Alps! What happened to you? Hee. :p At least, you had FUN. :)

    aLps: Alcohol fun! :D

  • Barry

    ive never been drunk or in this case never thrown up, and people get disturbed, if not scandalized. maybe just because ive never been a supah fan of alcohol, or smoking or whatever notsome shit haha i drink just to socialize

    aLps: I also drink to socialize. That’s why hindi ako sanay. :D

  • cleve

    Sabi ko na nga ba masaya ang internship eh. Hahaaa. :D Buti kiss lang Kuya Alps! :P

    aLps: Hanggang kiss lang pwede! :p

  • Rommel

    What a disturbing post. I never knew a cute guy like you would throw up like that. XD
    Haha. I mean, you’re Alps. You’re perfect. Haha.

    Anyway, that header. That header really suits the green theme. Kudos! :D

    aLps: Rommel, nah!

  • John

    wag mag-stay still and mejo bow.

  • denis

    naku, 4 bottles?? tsk tsk mahina hahah

    nice new look. attend ka ng iblog5?

    aLps: Hmm, ‘di ko pa sure eh, pero I registered na. :)

  • lio loco

    for a guy who’s only used to swigging sanmig light bottles, i’d say you pretty much did well. that’s considering red horse is known for its distinct, stronger brew as compared to other beers. that’s just your baptism of fire anyway. i’m sure you’d do better the next time you get a match with pareng pulang kabayo. kampai kampai! Ü

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    Haha! mga muka ngang di na kaya. Kahet yung kumukuha ng litrato, bagsak na reh oh! haha

  • djei

    Ayos! haha. Sayang di namin nasaksihan Next time tito RH tayo. :D