• http://elclaves.blogspot.com denis

    yeah, tell me about it… i like whites too- bag, hoodie, flip flops, towels ( i have tons of white towels) pero kapag may bahid na ng dumi, ay basag trip na yun

    hehe nice bag though dude.

  • mita

    imagine a white uniform.

  • http://inghinyero.com Rommel

    You’re probably earning a lot. I don’t. HAHA.
    You’re writings are always interesting.

  • Alvina Tiu

    AAAAAAAAH THAT BAG IS SO FREAKING LOVELYYYYY (“freaking” and “lovely” do not mix, but chever)

    I WANT :((

    (But I don’t want a white bag)

  • http://astoldbychalkdust.wordpress.com Mary Grace

    haha. akala ko si MANNY villar ung sa research paper.

  • http://roneilberania.blogspot.com ron

    the white addidas bag’s looks really cool. :)

  • FUJI

    Finally! You got your hands on that bag haha!

    Yeah, ingat lang ng konti. Just like my airline bag, it’s a mix of leather and PVC skin.

  • http://eloiski.wordpress.com eloiski

    nakakabaliw lalo na yung catastrophe na yan!

    pero ang ganda ng bag mo!


  • http://katchupoy.wordpress.com Pepe McKunat

    nice one.

  • http://www.pugadmaya.wordpress.com jeremiah

    aah..kaya pala triumvirate..hehe..novel nga. :D

  • http://bryanboy.com bryanboy

    uhm. are u like a queer or something? i want to fuck you.