• gwen foster

    Will Check it out the next time I’m in Rob Manila :)

    aLps: You have to! :D

  • nikki

    i love the way you described the momo card haha!

    aLps: We’re abusive like that!!

  • mita

    We were here first!
    (No literally. We went in MoMo the first day it opened. Hahaha.)
    Wala pang wall of b&w pics and red couches non.

    Btw, Brewrats define MoMo as make out make out. They must learn about this place, hehehe.

    aLps: Make out make out!!! MoMo!!

  • http://www.themakingsofanillustrados.wordpress.com cleve

    MoMo on Monday. Promise! :)

    aLps: Enjoy!!

  • FUJI

    Quick trivia:

    Do you know that Choc Nut is the most craved for treat on Philippine booths and pavilions whenever there are travel fairs abroad? ^ ^

    aLps: I knoow! :D Viva Chocnut!

  • http://geekcritic.wordpress.com Mark

    Waaaa. So this is MoMo.

    See you there. I mean here hehe.

    aLps: I saw you, here! :D

  • http://invinzibility.wordpress.com vinzcontreras

    MoMo! is our newest tambayan (where you could suck wi-fi and power for free)

    I wish we one near here in UP Diliman. Although there’s the Katipunan Avenue and the Ayala technohub, free internet is very limited. I mean, free internet is only an hour or so, not unlimited.

    How I wish there’s a MoMo! near the UP Diliman vicinity. Oh well, we’ll just use Dilnet then.

    aLps: MoMo is our very own ManilaNet. :D

  • http://literantado.wordpress.com Otakore Literantado

    The sweets, very mouth-watering. And very “affordable”.

    “Peborit ko rin ang choc-nut.”