Triumvirate #9: Diamonds, Extraneous & Vision

Each episode of The Triumvirate Series is a crystallization of how my day went in three themes. This is my own, novel way of writing a daily journal. Read the rationale here.

Some Art Exhibit (Titles to follow)
  1. Diamonds. We are already studying about minerals in Geology. And I fancied about Diamonds. Diamonds are just orderly-structured Carbon (the same element found in a cheap charcoal and graphite). They can be formed through intense pressure in the mantle (a layer of the earth) or through intense pressure using a machine (that results, therefore, in a synthetic one). My professor, since he teaches a General Education course, wants his lessons to be socially relevant. And hey, it’s hard to relate Geologic concepts to social issues–but he tries nevertheless: Cheap can be luxurious after the application of intense pressure.
  2. Extraneous. In our scientific and technical writing class, we are already giving some special attention to variables. During elementary and high school, I (or we)  just knew 2 general kinds: The independent and independent variable. But now, there are many of them, and they make me confused. Anyway, one of the variables we tackled a while ago was the Extraneous type. Extraneous variables, in layman’s terms, are those which are not expected to become a part of an experiment, which, of course, could alter the expected outcome. Extraneous variables are also found in daily life: third parties or more popularly known as “kabit” are the perfect, socially relevant example. And yeah, they alter the experiment’s supposed outcome. Extraneous variables, however, can be formally introduced to the experiment depending on the researcher’s preference. Haha.
  3. Vision. On our Speech communication class, we talked about the elements of a good visual presentation. We came to a conclusion that content reigns supreme and substance comes over style. Wait, a reservation–But we are still visual creatures and we always judge everything by its face value; It’s an irony and it’s reality.
  • hisnameisdencios

    1: diamonds are same as humans sabi nila galing ang tao sa abo. (do i make sense?think so..)

    Yeah, tama!

    2: your view to 3rd variable? perfectly right lol


    3: i try not to look by face. i know its reality but im not..trying not to…

    But you will certainly will.. xD

  • Mary Grace

    akalain mo nga naman, may mas maganda palang pakinggan na pamalit-tawag sa kabit maliban sa mistress… extraneous variables. :lol:

    Haha, let’s go geeky when we talk about third-parties! xD

  • Paurong

    Hmm.. Ganito ka na pala magsulat.. Still, the substantial you is apparent.

    I miss studying a lot. Yang mga ganyang bagay, enjoy ako noong high school. Hindi gaya ngayong college. Haay.

    Keep it up, bro.

    Nakow, good luck sa college life. And still have fun okay?