Triumvirate #8: Cubes, Bitches & Options

Each episode of The Triumvirate Series is a crystallization of how my day went in three themes. This is my own, novel way of writing a daily journal. Read the rationale here.

Rubik's Cubes at the OrComSoc Booth
  1. Cubes. Our undergraduate course’s official organization put up a perya-like booth a while ago. A nice prize (a limited edition journal) is up for grabs. If you can make a certain color-combination by throwing 5 Rubik’s cubes out of whim, the prize is yours. I was doing some complex mathematical computations in my head to determine one’s chance of winning the prize. Apparently, it’s just a freaking 2%! I said to them (the booth people) that the challenge is so hard that good luck should be your girlfriend if not your fiancé. At the end of the day, the people in the booth told me that 3 people already got a prize. Something may be highly improbable to happen, but it is, still, possible.
  2. Bitches. Our Speech Communication 183 (Audio-visual communication) professor told us that there are many bitches out there in the corporate world. You would usually see them drinking Starbucks coffee and posing with their Fendi bags while they listen to your pitch. They could be stoic, hard-faced, indifferent, unemotional, mean, apathetic, inert and *insert another word with similar connotation here*. The only mineral that could scratch a diamond is another diamond; the only person who can bitch a bitch is another bitch.
  3. Options. I had my usual Thursday-debate training. Kuya Yves (one of our seniors, and one of our mentors) said that when you agree to some extent, you also disagree to some extent and it is also true the other way around. I don’t know the reason behind the equivocalness of life’s many concepts. When we choose an option, we unconsciously choose another different option; a single choice has its hidden twin.

  • barrycyrus

    i like the bitch quote lol

    Yeah, bitches are diamonds of a different kind.. :p

  • piapot

    the answer to your question is all Einstein’s fault for making the theory of relativity! ahahaha

    and add to that the magic of life’s great ironic circumstances that without it can never be near perfect… hahaha :)

    Irony is bitter.. Hehe..

  • yhen

    owww…. bitches! hehehe!

    yeah, bitches.. hehe

  • hisnameisdencios

    1: i have a small one of that cube. its fun.
    3: thats human nature alps =)

    Yeah, humans will be humans :D

  • denis

    i remember my prof telling us same thought about bitches.

    marami daw trantado sa labas kaya di sya papayag na lalabas kame ng university na hindi tarantado, kaya ganito kme ng batchmates ko haha

    >.< sorry sa foul words hahah

    Yeah, life is about being more tarantado so that no one will tarantado you :>

  • cleve

    where’s the journal? post? hehe. :)

    My journal entry is the entry itself! :D