Separation: Love of Siam Movie Review

My block in college really loves watching movies. We have this tradition of movie-cycles wherein we pass movie DVDs or CDs to each other, movie-purchasing wherein we purchase movies from Alvina, the official pirate CD-Burning entrepreneur of the block batch and, of course, movie-conferencing wherein we informally discuss the movies that we have watched. Love of Siam was once the talk of the town, especially by Arvin. They can’t get over with it. I wondered why, until I watched it (twice) just today. So here I am, can’t get over, suffering from the feeling of separation, suffering from the Love-of-Siam-syndrome. I would be having a reflection about the movie but first, let’s have a run-down through the finest review-summary I have found in the internet.

The Love of Siam (Chukiat Sakveerakul, 2007)
Thai Title: Rak haeng Siam

To label Chukiat Sakveerakul’s The Love of Siam as simply a gay teen romance is to misjudge its power and intention. Within the two and a half hour running time (the director’s cut is reportedly four hours long) of the film, Sakveerakul essays not only the two young leads’ reunion and inevitable attraction but also a family’s slow and painful road to accepting a long-delayed reality. I would like to think that The Love of Siam, above everything else, seeks to reaffirm the life-affirming values of loving and being loved without sacrificing the portrayal of the very palpable pain that usually accompanies the emotion.

The twenty-minute prologue tracks the histories of young Mew (Arthit Niyomkul) and Tong (Jirayu La-ongmanee), who are both schoolmates and neighbors. They form a very close friendship which was abruptly ended when Tong’s family had to move out when Tang (Laila Boonyasuk), Tong’s elder sister, went missing during a trip in Chiang Mai, causing the family tremendous and irreparable sorrow. Years later, Mew (Witwisit Hirunwongkul), lead singer and composer for an up and coming boy band, again crosses path with Tong (Mario Maurer), who is struggling at home with his domineering mother (Sinjai Plengpanich) and alcoholic father (Songsit Rungnopakunsri). The two reconnect and inevitably fall for each other, disrupting whatever peace they have grown accustomed to.

To make matters more complicated, Mew’s Chinese neighbor Ying (Kanya Rattanapetch) is hopelessly in love with Mew, not knowing of his homosexual tendencies. On the other hand, Tong is currently dating Donut (Aticha Pongsilpipat), presumably not knowing of his own homosexual tendencies too. Tong’s family, more specifically the father who’s been spending days and nights drinking, is still suffering from the loss of Tang. June (also played by Boonyasuk), Mew’s band manager who looks a lot like Tang, is then recruited to pose as the long lost daughter, momentarily easing the father of his staggered pains.

The Siam in the title refers to Siam Square, a shopping district in Bangkok where most teens hang out to shop, dine, meet, and have fun. Siam Square, in the eyes of the Bangkok youth, has become both the place for welcomes and farewells, of declarations of love and hurtful break-ups, of chance encounters and scheduled meetings. In the film, the popular venue is not only the setting for Mew and Tong’s reunion and the numerous other events in the story but it also represents the unpredictability of the many facets of love which the film so intricately paints. While Siam Square or any other shopping mecca are ordinarily thought of as accessories to the bastardization of love and romance because it commonly equates blatant commercialism with the love’s outward depictions like dating, gift-giving, and hanging out, The Love of Siam uses that very element to depict love’s many wanderings and permutations. Underneath the glow of the traditionally amiable romance, The Love of Siam strives to say something more about the act of loving, whether romantically or familial: that it is more a nebulous network-like journey to maintain hope than a straight path to the assumed happy ending.

In fact, The Love of Siam ends without any of its characters fulfilling the traditional conclusions of a love story. There are no happily-ever-afters or expected closures. Instead, the film ends with a mere spark of hope. That hope that closes the film actually opens up million of possibilities for its characters, as numerous as the countless fortuitous encounters in Siam Square that initiate relationships between strangers or abruptly conclude long-standing affairs all within the fateful movement of time. Sakveerakul drafts a bittersweet ode to the complexities of loving, which commercial cinema has tended to avoid throughout the years. What he exclaims in The Love of Siam is that daringly traversing outside the common simplicities of love is far more gratifying than safely assuming formula.

Through the interconnected lives of two boys who are on the verge of self-awareness amidst their own individual conflicts and the people surrounding them, Sakveerakul notes that love survives notwithstanding the dilemmas that pervade the world. As Ying translates from a Chinese song, “as long as there is love, there is hope.” Corny as it sounds, the Bangkok of The Love of Siam thrives on that noble aspiration, without knowing that it does so.

My Say

The movie, for me, is all about separation. The plot and the subplots induce that kind of idea. These are the different kinds of separation I have thought:

Separation from one’s bestfriend. Actually, it is not just about the separation from your best friend, it is more about separation from your only friend. And that pains me bigtime. Mew is relatively a shy, lonely boy. His only friend is his grandmother. But going along with the technical definition of a friend, his only friend, therefore, is Tong.

Separation from your only friend. After Tong left, Mew only had his grandmother with him. And when she died, he has, in the truest principle, no friend left. And that pains me more.

Separation from a daughter or a sister. Tang, Tong’s sister, went missing when the family had a trip to Chiangmai. Someone missing is worse than someone dying, many would say. It is better that you know what happened to someone (even knowing that he or she died) rather than not seeing him or her, being clueless of his/her whereabouts.

Separation from faith. Tong’s family is Christian. During the prologue, it was evident that the director wanted to stipulate the strong christian practices of Tong’s family. However, when Tang, Tong’s sister, was gone missing, their father started preventing Tong to pray before meals.

Separation from memories. Tong’s family decided to move-out from the house where they are living. Indirectly, the reason behind it is that the house contains a lot of Tang’s memories.

Separation of interests. Tong and Mew are different individuals. And they complement each other. Many critics applauded the characters’ and actors’ chemistry.

Separation from the nose-piece. When Tong and Mew were kids, Tong gave Mew something: A wooden doll that resembles a caricature of Santa Claus (I don’t know how to perfectly describe it. Hehe.) Anyway, Tong did not give it directly to Mew. They played a treasure hunting game. Unfortunately, the last piece (The nose part) wasn’t found. It resided in a tree that was cut down as soon as Mew got to the last stage of the hunt. This piece, however, was given by Tong to Mew at the end of the movie (How? Watch it! Hehe). The whole movie, for me, therefore is a hunting game, a game of completion–hunting for answers and solutions to the questions and problems of the characters. Therefore, for me, even though Mew and Tong did not end up together, Tong completed Mew. And I believe that the other way around is also true. :)

Separation from reality. Tong’s dad started being alcoholic after Tang’s disappearance. Sometimes, he pretends that Tang is still there. Moreover, Tong and Sunee (Tong’s mother) hired June to act as Tang so that Tong’s dad would have a temporary relief from being alcoholic. Reality is indeed bitter for both Mew and Tong. They found relief (through escapism maybe) with the company of each other. And this is one of the reasons why their emotions for each other grew and developed.

Separation from barkada. Tong became unattached with his friends when he became attached to Mew. Mew, on the other hand, became unattached to his band when he fell into the hands of depression after Sunee (Tong’s mom) asked him to stop his special relationship with Tong.

Separation from girlfriend. Tong became cold to Donut (She’s damn pretty) after he became emotionally-attached to Mew. He, moreover, dumped Donut in favor of Mew.

Separation from norms. Homosexuality or bisexuality is still not accepted in Thai society, even in the modern times. Moreover, Tong’s family has conservative standards when it comes to relationships. However, Tong pursued his feelings for Mew.

Separation from the meaning of Christmas. Tang disappeared during Christmas season. Tong and Mew’s separation (When they were children and when Mew was asked to separate his self from Tong) also happened during Christmas season. Christmas is supposed to be a season wherein everyone’s happy. :(

Separation from the second family. June, who pretended to be Tang, eventually left. WHICH is sad because Tang, the character she portrayed, also left Tong’s family.

Separation from your spouse. In reality, Sunee and Korn are not divorced or separated, but they seemed to be since Korn became alcoholic.

Separation from the one you desperately wanted. Ying, Mew’s loyal crush or lover maybe, already conceded to the fact that Mew only treats her as a very good friend. It really saddened me that he even helped Tong get the missing nose-piece. This proves that she still wanted Mew to be happy at the end of the day even if she is not Mew’s type. :(

Now with all of these separation-themes, tell me I shouldn’t be depressed after watching the movie! :<

Some notes

  1. The overall atmosphere of the setting was sad. Not-so-sunny climate, uncrowded places, and cold nights. The Siam Square is crowded, but still, it induces a sad atmosphere. I think that this general setting contributed to the feeling of sadness.
  2. The prologue was really excellent. It contains all the premises of the main movie.
  3. One of the longest movies I have seen–almost three hours! But it did not make me sleep, fortunately.
  4. There is a lack of Tong’s realization phase when he came to a decision that he can’t be a boyfriend to Mew. With this, it is ironic that he dumped his girlfriend in favor of Mew.
  5. Although I concede to the fact that there is gay love story in the movie, it shouldn’t be branded as such. There are several plots that tackle different issues.
  6. My favorite part: Mew told Tong about his loneliness, his separation (This is paralleled with a scene wherein Tong’s mom was looking for him, also afraid of separation).  Tong did not reply, instead, he said “Mew” and carefully wrapped his arms onto Mew’s shoulders :<. Don’t get me wrong, I’m straight, haha. It was just moving that this kind of platonic love could really exist. Moreover, that was Tong’s gesture of saying “Mew, I’m here..” :<
  7. The part wherein Sunee gave Tong the freewill to determine what’s best for him using two Christmas decorations (of course, a metaphor), he chose the boy piece over the girl piece. Arvin told me that this signifies that he would rather have a boy to love. BUT at the same time, it could signify that he would rather be a boy, a straight boy. Oh yeah, relativism and equivocal-ity sucks.
  8. The ending scenes are damn bitter-sweet. :/ The ending scenes seem to say: I’m a happy-ending love story! Wait for it! But to the viewer’s dismay, it wasn’t. Was it?

Sad ending?

As Francis have said, there were no concrete closures among the characters. Moreover, the story is open-ended. One could ask: What could happen next? A familiar line is sung in some parts of the movie: As long as you love, there is still hope. You will love the movie if you would hope that Mew and Tong would eventually be together. Arvin told me that Tong might not be ready for it and Mew still has a career to consider. They might have the right love on the wrong time. Oh well. Sequel anyone? But for me, I believe that there’s nothing more to say. The director said that the movie is ended as it is. I believe that, sometimes, there’s no more to an end. There might be questions but the reality is, not all questions are answered. We must move on. I think we are just too idealistic, adhering to the social construction of all-fairy-tales-end-well-and-happy. That’s the magic of LoS, it presents you the bitter, sad reality but at the same time, giving you reasons why life is worth living for. :) ∞

If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it the one day we are separated?
And, if being separated is a part of life, and you know about separation well, is it possible that we can love someone and never be afraid of losing them?
At the same time, I was also wondering, is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?
That’s my loneliness.
  • gwen foster

    That is so dramatic. I might see this movie when I get my hands on it. Shucks. That was beautifully put.

    My simple-to-say-but-hard-to-do answers
    1. Life goes on. No matter how much we don’t want the moment to end, we couldn’t have everything at one single time. We first feel hurt, angry and depressed. But after some time, we learn to move on and continue to hope. Life is really absurd and beautiful.

    2. It’s possible to not be afraid when you don’t have attachments to it. You could love the sunset and feel an ache in your heart when it fades away but you’re not afraid that there may not be a sunset. Because even if the day is long, you know there will always be a sunset at the end of the day. Same with people. All love stories have much in common.

    3. I really don’t know.

    And loneliness is very very tragical. :( (This has been a long reply )

    Your reply was pretty moving too. Hai, buhay nga naman.. Please do watch the movie when you have the chance to :). Life goes on, something starts and something ends.. Ganun lang naman per mahirap tanggapin :((

  • Obnoxious Queer

    This is one of the best movies that I would carry on thru my memories! I have dvds for keeps and for distribution. And still in the LOS syndrome. Can’t get over it!
    -Obnoxious Queer

    Oh my, I hope my LoS syndrome would be cured soon :((

  • kengkay

    rak means love in pasa thai :D ibig sabihin ba e pinasok na rin ng thai movies ang pinoy world? nung asa thailand ako, nanunuod din ako ng mga thai soaps kahit na minsan e hindi ko sila maintindihan dahil maganda rin naman ang karamihan sa mga movies at soaps nila

    ‘Di masyadong naging sikat ang LoS dito.. Siguro some international movie fans lang tlga ang nakakanood.. Pero sana mapanood ng lahat.. Hehe.. Pretty moving.. Panoorin mo!! :D

  • Alvina

    I wonder why I still haven’t seen this film, no matter how cute the boys are. EEEP.

    Ang grepa naman ng Filipino requests in the comment box, Alps!!!

    You’re the official media-keeper of every media we know! Watch it! I know, grepa talaga! Haha!

  • mita

    yung pic parang edited version (but bears a big resemblance to) the view from dac…

    The view from DAC? Talaga? Haha, I can’t see it! :p

  • mita

    Bench leaning on the ledge. Big window behind the bench and ledge. (sort of) appropriate distance proportions lahat.

    nostalgic lang yata ako.hehehe

    HAHA! I can now see the resemblance! :D

  • Jonell

    Let’s get over with LoS syndrome. Keep it up, man. :D Nyt.

    Haha, cge2, i’ll try :D

  • Obnoxious Queer

    I guess that would be a lifetime syndrome that you may carry and pass-on. Hehehe… It’s ok… it’s never fatal anyway.

    Huhu, I’m getting-over it, little by little.. Hehe.. I gave copies na to my friends (most of them guys).. Haha..

  • akosimakoy

    ayos ah… hehehe!

    Aus na aus! Hehe

  • Arvin

    in fairness. Haha. I choose not to re-watch the movie for fear of being sad again :(

    Hai, I’m re-watching my favorite scene.. The separation-talk scene.. :/

  • Arvin

    Actually, tinry kong panuorin kanina. Pero di ko tinapos.3 hours is pretty long to waste on watching a movie i’ve watched a million times already. Bitter? haha.

    Just watch to the emo scenes.. Hehe..

  • Rommel

    Pota. Alps, the movie was really great.

    #6 was sooo touching tlaga. the whole movie was.

    If we can love someone so much, how will we be able to handle it the one day we are separated? WAWAAAAH!

    Cute story too. Hehe.

    May naalala tuloy ako. HAHA.:)

    Yeap, that part was really nice :> Remembered something? Perhaps a similar personal encounter? HAHA

  • rish

    your review’s long huh. tinmad ako basahin for now. i just finished watching the movie again. :(( waaaa.. i still have the fever. xet i can’t get it out of my system. MAHAL KO NA SI MEW! yack. im becoming like Ying na.hahaha i took down some quotes this time. am gonna post them in my multi acct. wahaha adik mode. im becoming more and more emo na. i still looooove the kissing scene. i didn’t find it gay. KINILIG ako! ;b
    LOVE OF SIAM, panalo!

    NagRound 2 ka pa!!

  • Rommel

    Probably, the experience was with a blogger friend. :( Sad. Lasted for just a short time. I hoped that it’d be the last.

    I also hope that that’d be the last. :)

  • Trick

    It’s nice to know that I am not alone in having this LoS syndrome. What’s more nice to know is that the movie moves all people who watch it, regardless of gender. I’m straight too but I’m a big fan of the story. The bitter-sweet ending ruined it all for me. :(

    Nice review, by the way!

    Yeah, I agree :) Palaganapin ang LoS syndrome. Hehe.

  • fuji


    Nice review! I just read your comment on my review and thank you for dropping by!

    Yes, I’m a Filipino too and I had withdrawal symptoms even after three months hehe.

    I do love its OST and I’m keeping tabs on August’s and Pchy’s new songs as well. And I’m lovin’ it. ^-^

    Haha, I am happy na marami na ring Pinoy ang hooked sa movie :)

  • aaron

    1. There is a lack of Tong’s realization phase when he came to a decision that he can’t be a boyfriend to Mew. With this, it is ironic that he dumped his girlfriend in favor of Mew.

    – i agree.. he dumped Donut per gave up Mew.. labo! pero hindi lang siya.. si Ying din.. kasi i saw the deleted scene after Ying got the nose from the shop for free.. Ying and Tong talked about it and it goes like:

    Ying: Bring it to Mew as Christmas gift.
    Tong: What if he ran away from me.. *something something*
    Ying: No he won’t.
    Tong: Why are you doing this for me?
    Ying: No I didn’t.. I do it for Mew..

    2. My favorite part: Mew told Tong about his loneliness, his separation (This is paralleled with a scene wherein Tong’s mom was looking for him, also afraid of separation). Tong did not reply, instead, he said “Mew” and carefully wrapped his arms onto Mew’s shoulders :<. Don’t get me wrong, I’m straight, haha. It was just moving that this kind of platonic love could really exist. Moreover, that was Tong’s gesture of saying “Mew, I’m here..” :<

    – same here.. that i think is the best part..

    3. The part wherein Sunee gave Tong the freewill to determine what’s best for him using two Christmas decorations (of course, a metaphor), he chose the boy piece over the girl piece. Arvin told me that this signifies that he would rather have a boy to love. BUT at the same time, it could signify that he would rather be a boy, a straight boy. Oh yeah, relativism sucks.

    – i disagree.. tong probably knew the answer to his own question, on what to choose.. and he doesn’t want his mother to get sad and suffer more..

    4. i like how the mother handled the situation.. very professional.. and the father is such a loser.. hahah.. ano ba sya may amnesia? ahha di ko nagets un..

    5. i like also june’s final words for the family.. *syempre kinopya ko*

    “even if we made mistakes along the way
    it’s better than never having tried to love and be loved.
    wouldn’t you agree?
    life always give us opportunities to start over
    after we learn from our mistakes.
    i hope you take these opportunities
    and take good care of one another.” – june

    6. lastly for the sad ending, i think of all possible ending for the movie, i still think it’s the best.. period.. haha..

    Yeah, I actually rationalize my thoughts to make it seem a happy ending. Hehe.

    7. part TWO? i dunno.. sabi nga nung director, nasabi na niya lahat dun sa movie kaya enough na ung almost 3 hours to the realization of the characters.. and it contains so many lessons to ponder..

    Yeah, medyo malabo nga.. Pero ang daming may gusto ng sequel.. Hehe..

  • Aaron

    i agree in #4.. he dumped Donut and then he ‘gave up’ on Mew.. laboo.. haha tapos si Ying din.. hindi ko alam kung sila na ba ni Tong lalo na nung nakuha ni Ying yung nose piece.. pero nakita ko yung deleted part right after nung scene na yun.. according dun sa mga nagtranslate eto:

    Ying: Give it to Mew as christmas gift.
    Tong: What if he run away *something something
    Ying: No he wont.
    Tong: Why are you doing this for me?
    Ying: No i didn’t. i do it for Mew.

    Mahal talaga ni Ying si Mew. Masakit na nga for her part na gawin ‘yun since alam na niyang “Mew is for someone else” pero ginawa pa rin niya since ‘yun ‘yung makakapagpasaya sa mahal niya :(

    same here for #6.. probably the best part..

    for #7, i think Tong already knew the answer to his own question.. kaya niya pinili yung male ornament as a sign na yun ung path na kukunin niya, at para siguro hindi na magsuffer more yung mother niya sa decision niya..

    Ang alam ko, sinadya talaga ni Chookiat (director) na maging equivocal ung meaning nun.. So it’s up to the viewer kung paano iinterpret ‘yun :)

    best line from Mew (quoted).. shet.. hahaha ang emo.. haha..

    infairness nakakamove on ako from the movie (after how many days haha).. pano? haha nakikinig ako nung dalawang song.. isa ung kay Pitch (yung pinost ko sa multiply) tsaka yung MTV nung LoS.. hahahaha.. andun pa rin ang addiction..

    Ayaw ko na marining ung songs, lalo na ung Gun Lae Gun which is composed by Mew for Tong (in the movie at least). Naaawa ako kay Mew eh. Hehe.

    i <3 Kanya Rattanapetch.. wahahahaha.. gusto ko tuloy matuto ng piano at thai language!! aahhaha..

    Ako gusto kong pumunta ng Thailand. Hehe.

    (btw, nagcomment ako pero nwala.. ganun ba tlga?)

    NaSend yung first comment mo :)

  • aaron

    wahahaha sorry tsaka ko lang napansin na nakapending pala yung unang comment.. ahhaha..

    anyway, pinapakinggan ko yung album at kahit papaano hindi ko na masyado naiisip yung movie.. ahhahah.. it’s time to share the movie!!! hahahaha

    Get-over na rin naman ako sa movie sa wakas.. Hehe..

  • http://makati anton

    uhhm di ba kinuha ni ying yung cap ni mew for the hair thing??? e baket sa next scene na pinakita yung room ni mew nandon pa din yung cap, and nung scene naman na pumunta si mew sa kwarto ni ying to ask about the chinese song,nandun ule yung cap… hahaha… mejo weird lang.. hahaha…

    Haha, baka technical error lang.. :p

    pero i must say, sobrang ganda ng movie!!! hahaha… ngayon pa lang ako nagkaka LOS sysndrome, and i fear(not actually) na baka matagal pang ma cure to… hahaha…

    Matagal-tagal pa nga yan.. Hehe..

    just finished watching siam for the 4th time…

    and uu nga pala, ang ganda ng review mu bout sa separation…

    fave scene was when mew told tong his loneliness….


    i must say na sobrang laki ng role ng music para i set yung mood… wahahaha… nice nice…

    Yeah, download mo rin ung musical scores.. Hehe..

  • anton

    hahaha… website ba yung pooksasapot??? hahaha… sensya d ko alam…. hahaha

    Yeah, website.. Haha.. Hindi ko alam kung paanong gagawing English ‘yan at the same time retain me in the “Filipino WordPress Users”. Tsk

  • fuji

    hi again!

    ui dami nang replies ah hehe. waaah! may withdrawal symptoms pa pala ako hehe!

    agree ako dun sa isang sinabi sa taas na pwede nga mag-exist yung ganung klase ng platonic love.

    Love, because there are so many variations and degrees of “strength”, can’t be classified into a number of strict options. Especially platonic love. This “kind” of love, if you would measure the “population” of love, would comprise the majority. Platonic love is an everyday love :). Since we experience it everyday (to a single person or to several persons), its “strength” could increase everyday, even rivaling romantic love’s strength index. But the lines are still there, regardless of “strength”. That’s what happened to Mew and Tong. I believe that they had an overwhelming “platonic love index” that their love for each other seemed “romantic”. But in the end, Tong, or maybe both of them, realized that their love for each other should be confined to the platonic classification. :)

    naaawa lang ako sa instances na may mga friendships gone wrong dahil sa makikitid na isip ng mga tao. kala kasi ng karamihan, porke ganun eh nagbabaklaan na. hindi po. kung malinis naman ang hangarin sa pagitan ng dalawang lalakeng magkaibigan at kung masaya naman sila, eh walang problema sa kin yun.

    If that’s the case, the two friends must disregard what others might say. Haha, ang cliche.. :p

    nasisira ang isang samahang ganoon dahil lamang sa maling akala ng iba at matatabil na dila na kung makapagsalita’y kala mong kung sinong mga pantas at moral. dala lang talaga yun ng kakitiran ng isip ng marami.

    dalawang sentimos ko lang… (just my two cents XD)

    Stupid people would always exist, and they would never realize that they are stupid because, err, they are stupid :p

  • niki de los reyes-torres

    here’s my take on this, i’m quoting my own review at
    here it goes:

    Perhaps the line that will define this movie is when Tong tells Mew,
    “I can’t be with you as your boyfriend. But that does not mean I don’t love you.”
    Then Tong hands Mew the missing piece of the wooden doll he had gifted him when they were kids [one which he had a hard time acquiring]. And it hit me, just a few moments ago what that meant! That wherever life leads them, Tong leaves Mew with some hope…That perhaps it may take a little longer for them, and like that wooden doll missing its nose, somehow Tong would find a way to complete it, to complete their love.

    And I can’t believe I’m using this Theology 131- Marriage & Human Sexuality lesson to prove a point. “A genuine loving relationship must be able to exist with other relationships.”
    Tong and Mew take a step into their maturity by accepting that they can’t take a “you-and-me-against-the-world” stand on their love. If indeed what they have is true, it will be a love that they shall be able to share with their loved ones, friends, and all.

    Yeah, I agree. You have to maintain and consider other relationships as well.

    LOS does not take into account the typical requirements of what makes up love story. It doesn’t give you that “dancing under the starlight” ending expected of the genre nor does it leave you with a heavy heart even if the last you see is Mew in tears. Rather it leaves its characters with a glimmer of hope.

    As long as you love, you have hope :) Or is it the other way around? hehe

    And that Love, whether it between boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls, parent and child, friend and friend, between you and your god, is transcendent and unending. Like what Gabriel Marcel said, “To say ‘I love you’ is to say ‘thou shalt not die’…

    Love is so complex to define but simple to feel :)

  • Rommel

    I loved the #7 scene too. For me, he was asking his mom if he’ll choose the boy piece [Mew] or the girl piece [Donut]. Kasi sinabi niya earlier something like “baka kapag ako na naman ang pumili, magalit ka sa pipiliin ko” but his mom let him choose in the end, and that’s why parang may acceptance na feel dun sa scene na yun when Tong chose the boy piece.

    favorite ko yung “As long as you love, there is hope” something like that dung sa kanta.

    aLps: Equivocalness at its finest! :D

  • reyvan

    haha! puro arvin amp! :) actually sumikat ‘to sa school dahil sa’kin! pero dahil lahat ‘yon kay arvin! hahahaha! =))

  • Enigmatic

    After watching the movie, sobrang nalungkot din talaga ako, hanggang ngayon. Ewan ko kung kelan pa ako makakamove-on dito. Pero ok lang, at least alam ko na hindi lang ako ang na LOS Syndrome.

    Pati ako, naguguluhan kung bakit ganun yung ending, parang angdami ko pang tanong. Tsaka bakit hindi sila nagkatuluyan sa huli, mas masaya siguro kung nagkatuluyan sila para happy ending.. Tsaka kay June, nalungkot din talaga ako nung umalis na siya sa huli, gusto ko nga rin malaman kung siya rin si Tang eh.

    Tapos nalungkot din talaga ako nung kwinento ni Mew yung pagkamatay ng lola niya kay Tong.

    Basta, hindi ganun yung gusto ko sanang ending, sana, nasagot lahat ng tanong, lalong lalo na yung mga “bakit?”
    Kung ganon sana eh di di ko na kailangan magmove on. haha!

    Anyway, maganda talaga yung movie. Sobrang nakakaiyak nga lang, di ko to makakalimutan, kahit kapag nakapagmove-on na ako.

    At dahil sa movie, gusto ko na tuloy pumunta ng Thailand, tsaka gusto ko rin matuto ng Thai language, hehe!

  • Nathan

    Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the TLOS syndrom. I watched it last Sunday and I have never appreciated a movie with gay-angle like this before due to my conservative background. Pero grabe tong isang to.. haysss… The last time I felt this was from Endless Love – Autumn Tale pa…

    • NooBy

      i just watched the movie a couple of hours ago…
      “damn” i said to myself… great movie and great review

      i read something about a sequel…i agree a sequel would be no good
      i’m leaving it as it is, even though it hurts….aw!

      nice to find a webpage like this…where i can throw all my frustrations.

      good job!

  • http://google rhiym

    wow…i totally love this movie…


    I’m still in LOS syndrome…

  • NooBy

    woah a relatable movie…haha
    bless the people who made this movie

    i don’t mind how it was made im greatful for the emotions it left me with…
    -LOS syndrome anyone? haha

  • Tepen18

    I watched this movie 9 days ago and ever since I’ve incessantly been watching portions of it again and again.

    Favorite part ko din yung nag-open up si Mew ng ‘lonliness’ niya kay Tong and Tong trying to be there for him. Relatable haha.

    I appreciate this review. I didn’t imagine someone straight would view and love the movie like this. So, really good job!

    If you’ve got any remedy for LOS syndrome, anything at all, paki-email sa akin., i badly need to snap back to reality. Maxado ng heavy tong nararamdaman ko! XD

  • red08-48252

    Just watched this movie and it was AWESOME. I mean, I wasn’t able to relate to the romantic theme between two boys [for crying out loud.] But the case in point is it gives a lot of meat about friendship, love and a whole lot more. shucks, masakit yung ending.

    haha. *been downloading August Band’s songs for the past two hours.*

    LOS rocks!

    and oh, nice review.



  • sin2+cos2

    sobrang tiyaga kong pinanood un sa youtube na part by part..pero worth it ngayon, haha sobrang lungkot ko na dahil nakarelate ako..pero sabi nga sa movie “As long as you love, there is hope”..haay..hirap talaga..=(

    pero ngaun may copy na ako ng buong movie na i recently watched lng nung thursday..haha..tas uulitin ko na naman mamaya..grabe! ang ganda talaga, and favorite song ko na ang gun lae gun fom now on..=)

    • sin2+cos2

      sin2+cos2 saying: and for my </3 kahit malabo na tayo ngayon, i won't lose hope and you know you are my goal which everytime i feel your love shines in my heart..i can see my destiny..=(=

  • jin

    hindi ko pa napapanood ung movie…. nag babasa lang ako ng mga forum, gusto ko sana magkaroon ng full copy ng los, just want to experience los syndrome,,,,

  • Advent

    The movie has many lessons to impart, that we should live our life to the fullest, that love is the very essence of our existence. … but the greatest of all is Love (Corinthians 13). I’ve watched the movie lately and I am hooked to it. Best movie I’ve seen. Nagka TLOS fever na rin me….

  • fentra

    was able to watch the movie last saturday. cant move on. grabe. just too much. sad ending. pero im just thinking and hoping na Tong and Mew will have their time. “as long as you love there is hope.”

  • bitonggeek

    hi!just watched this 24th of january, around 1am to 6am…and i think i also got the LOS virus, i really can’t get over with this movie…just loving this, at first i was like, eiwwww with the kissing scene of Tong and Mew but after watching the movie, it just struck me with this idea, that the love that they are feeling for each other is really love, not unlike other lovers that is joined with lust, but this kind of love portrays how love should be…and i like how the director avoid a deeper love scenes between Tong and Mew.It really shows the real meaning of unconditional love…but just want to say that i’m still not contented with the last scene…ok its ok if they are not boyfriends but c’mmon i really wanted to see them each other as special friends…hay di ko maexplain, pero gusto ko maging sila…heheh…..sana my sequel….=<