Reality Check

Vianne: I have read it* already. BITTER. Haha. And i saw a lot of guys agreeing with you. Haha, natatawa na lang ako. You’re blaming Edward because you guys hated the ideal guy that edward is. Because.. I should not continue.. Too bad words.. Peace!

aLps: I’m not striving to be ideal, to be perfect, and I am happy I am not Edward Cullen. Girls would be girls. And hard it may seem to be, boys let them be.

So let the boys be themselves.


  • roneiluke

    wow… i remembered commenting about edward cullen before… my first on your site… ngayon ay hindi ko pa rin xa kilala. so he’s a guy on a fiction novel… hmm… kya pala hindi ko xa kilala ay hindi ko xa nababasa.. hehe!

    Haha! Wait for the big screen version na lang! :)

  • denis

    well, who says there’s a school of thought to being ideal? what, dorks cant be saint?

    No one and none can be ideal.. Hehe..

  • prinsesamusang

    all perfect stuff are nonexistent. all too good to be true are to be doubted because if it’s too good, chances are it is nonexistent.

    Hear hear! That’s why he’s a fictional character. Hehe.

  • roneiluke

    kamusta na ang buhay buhay? :biggrin:

    Haha.. Keri lang.. Hehe..

  • gwen foster

    Girls love idealisms while guys prefer reality. That’s why I’m constantly thinking if I really am a girl. AHAHA XD

    HAHAHAH! You’re a reality-oriented girl.. Hehe..

  • piapot

    that’s why fiction-perfect characters are made… kasi nga hanggang dun na lang… so be it… lol!:-)

    Sige na nga! Haha! He would remain a fictional character anyway.. :p

  • roneiluke

    kamusta na? hiatus? hehe

    Dami gawa.. T.T