Lifehouse Live in Manila

Saturday is a haggard day. Fortunately, this Saturday is a little bit different since I would be having a detox session with my best friend (yeah right :p). LIFEHOUSE!!

Vin poked me to go with him since he IS a fan. I’m not a big fan but I like them and their songs at least. BUT I became a fan after the concert. Iba pare, iba talaga ‘pag live! Wooo.. Two days ata akong may hangover..

Videos are not the clear. We got ourselves Upper Box B tickets since Upper Box A tickets (Yeap, we wanted Box A) are no longer available when I called Ticketnet to reserve, erm, tickets. And THE girlfriend pressure is unavoidable. Haha.

After the concert, we splurged at McDonald’s (There were no other nice restos or fast food chains open after the concert concluded).

I slept at Vin’s, and we splurged again the day after. Stressors are appetizers. Haha.



Complete entry (and videos too!):

  • arvin

    onga! Ang tagal na nito ha. :P

    Haha, it was just recently Arvin.. Hehe.. Just recently.. :p

  • pacute

    Haha, hope i was there.

    Watch them when they come for a come-back! :D

  • roneiluke

    huhuhuhuhu! hindi ako nakapanood! huhuhuhuhu! sana bumalik sila at sana naman employed nako by that time…crap.

    Haha, I believe that there would be a comeback.. Be sure to grab a ticket when they return!